Limit Africa has added value in the market and have supplied effectively and efficient service to their clients at large.  We have been appointed as agents for a number of manufacturers and will provide our clients with the best service and effective control to ensure success of our projects.  It is our philosophy to uphold the principles and ethics of good engineering practice and code of conduct at all times.The standard of electrical and instrumentation construction varies from industry to industry and we have developed a highly qualified team to cater for the needs of each industry.


Our personnel, with their specialized skills and past experiences, gained knowledge in the field of designing and manufacturing, of specialized  equipment, sizing and selection of valves and instrument control solutions in same of most arduous applications available to the chemical, steel, mining, Oil and  gas, food and beverage, sugar and power generation industries throughout South Africa.


Limit Africa is your first choice for professional services and products of the latest technology in the electrical,
mechanical and instrumentation fields. We provide our clients with quality services and products thriving to be sensitive to their needs including the shortest executable time. We play a key role in the betterment, skills development and training of previously disadvantaged social sectors of South Africa as well as pave the way for similar service providers.

Our main objective is to become a preferred supplier for mechanical, electrical, instrumentation,
maintenance, products fabrication, powder coating and other services we provide, in South Africa. We would like to expand the business with more products and services, to attain 100% of our tender applications, including the supply of Beck actuators and to create more job opportunities. We are still in ourselves a small business enterprise, however with big goals and objectives. We currently operate with twelve (12) employees and depending on the scope of work, we occasionally acquire man power locally to achieve the proposed objective as efficiently as possible. We offer a range of products and services in the EMI sphere. Limit Africa is owned by Mr Isak Joubert who is an expert engineer, with knowledge and experience in the electrical, instrumentation and mechanical spheres. Mr Joubert runs the technical side of the business is also responsible for training, installation and commissioning of products.